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Want your players to spend more time with the ball? iSoccer will help.

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So how do coaches use iSoccer?



Uses iSoccer to track and
motivate skill development

Time coach1 1 hour a week

Check_green Scores players in practice
Check_green Sends players video iSoccerWork
Check_green Rewards Skill Level improvement



Uses iSoccer to create fun skill development game

Time coach2 30 min a week

Check_green Uses Leaderboard to create team game
Check_green Encourages through the Team Feed
Check_green First player to 100,000 iSoccer Points wins!



Uses iSoccer to provide players
extra training resource

Time coach3 10 min a week

Check_green Approves scores players log on their own
Check_green Checks in on Team Feed weekly
Check_green Recognizes players using it in practice

No matter what type of coach you are, iSoccer can help you make skill development more fun and effective.

How does iSoccer work?


Check out an iSoccer Challenge


Foot Speed Challenge

How to try iSoccer on the field


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You're off and running!

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Team Membership Benefits


Questions? See common ones below.

With a Team Membership, do my players have to pay anything?

No. All of your players (up to a roster size of 18) will have complete access to the iSoccer Challenges, Personal Training Videos, Skill Tracking Tools, and ability to earn Points/Badges/Skill Levels.

Do we save money when buying a Team Membership?

Absolutely! The average team saves up to 70% when buying Player Memberships as a team rather than as individuals.

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