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Testimonio1 Takumi I. 9 Years Old

"iSoccer's really fun and you get better and better each day you do it!"

Testimonio2 Dan F. DOC, Blitzz FC

"Instead of sitting on the couch playing Xbox, my players were out in the backyard trying to earn points and level up."

Testimonio3 Doug P. Middle School Coach

"We used iSoccer to develop our skills and we were able to win the championship in the first year of our school's existence!"

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Earn levels and badges for skill challenges.



Earn points for everything you do related to soccer.



Compete with your teammates and get better together.



Play iSoccer no matter where you are.

Our Mission

To empower kids around the world with a fun path toward self confidence using technology and sports.

Who is iSoccer for?

iSoccer is for any type of coach looking to enhance the learning experience for their players, combining what kids like to do on-the-field with what they like to do online. iSoccer is also for any type of player who wants to learn new skills, or who wants to improve current skills. It's for rec-teams still learning soccer, to elite-teams looking to take their game to next level.


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